Virtual Reality at Perception Engineering

Virtual Reality at Perception Engineering

This blog will be focusing on virtual reality in Perception Engineering including some benefits and steps we take to view models. It will also act as a summary of the video associated with this blog.


There are many benefits to using virtual reality, but for this blog, we will be mainly focusing on two specific areas: saves time and money on designs and creates a more personal experience.

On the aspect of saving time and money on designs, virtual reality helps to eliminate design questions and reassure the user that components are ready to be manufactured. A couple of design questions that may appear are things such as if there’s enough clearance in a specific area, if a component needs to be updated to work in the assembly, or if a component needs to be completely removed.

Another benefit with virtual reality is that it helps create a more personal experience with models. Not only will it give the user a 1:1 scale, but it will also give the user a better view into the end product without spending the money on a prototype. It also allows for assembly deconstruction, depending on the software being used, which is helpful to gain a full understanding as to how it will all come together.


Perception Engineering is working on both implementing virtual reality into their workflow as well as informing other companies of this technology. They have seen the benefits of virtual reality first hand would like to continue taking the time to research the latest and greatest technology and inform their readers in hopes that they might get involved!

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Cody Cook

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering