Toggl at Perception Engineering

Toggl at Perception Engineering

On an average day, you move from task to task without even thinking about it. Usually this doesn’t cause much trouble; however, here at Perception Engineering, as much of the work we do is on time-based quotes, we meticulously keep track of time spent on any given task. This allows us to give customers an accurate view of how time was spent on their project and what they’re paying for. It also keeps us on track to get our work done in the most time efficient way possible. To do this, we use Toggl.

With Toggl, you can easily keep track of the three most important things for your records. What job the task was for, a brief description of what you were doing, and whether a given task is billable to the customer or not. This allows you to provide a summary of the time spent on a project, both billable and not billable, to the customer once a project is completed. Another important feature is that you can correct any mistakes after making the initial entry. This allows for a run through at the end of the project to make sure there are no errors for billable entries and no missing information, and the ability to fix these problems without losing the whole entry.

Figure 1: Sample Entries

Of course, those features are not the only advantages to using Toggl. The dashboard and reports features are also handy tools. With these, you can further break down and sift through tasks and the time taken to complete them. You can also break down projects into pre-defined tasks and assign these projects to clients, making it even easier to organize your time entries. Best of all, you can get started for free! Not only is there a 30-day free trial with any plan you like, you can keep a free account, for teams of up to five members, which allows you access to basic time tracking features.

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