Manufacturing Support Services

What are Manufacturing Support Services?

In manufacturing, there are a lot of fluctuating circumstances that need to be monitored in order for a company to be successful and profitable.  Companies need to be constantly working to make sure that the manufacturing side of the business is always operating at max efficiency. However, problems can start to pile up if one small snag occurs in the process along the way. For most manufacturing companies there is the engineering side, and there is the manufacturing side. The engineering side supplies the manufacturing side which in turn makes the profit. Delays with the engineering side of a business create a bottleneck & potentially cause lost profit. Here at Perception Engineering, we offer multiple different types of manufacturing support services that allow us to add engineering capacity and help keep companies moving forward. So, what exactly are these support services and how can they help? Jump into the next section of this blog to find out more!

Why are Support Services Needed?

So why exactly do companies need engineering/manufacturing support services? Fluctuation in demand & seasonality can cause work to pile up and deadlines will be right around the corner. Support services are a great option to alleviate capacity constrictions and provide a quick solution to a short-term problem. By contracting a company such as Perception Engineering, a team of experienced engineers is added to your company to tackle the problems at hand. Hiring temporary help instead of hiring additional employees can save a company money in the long run and can be a more immediate solution as hiring can be a long process. On the other hand, some companies do not have an in-house engineering team. Both long term and short term contracts can put in place to designate a company like Perception Engineering to provide engineering and manufacturing services to the company in need.

The Support Services


With the engineering and manufacturing field being so broad, there can be multiple services utilized within one business. One common service utilized is providing 2D drawings. Some companies or businesses do not have a set standard for a drawings template, this is where an engineering team would offer the support service of creating a standard and applying it to all drawings that need to be completed. Here at Perception Engineering, we specialize in multiple different services. These include 3D modeling, 2D drawings, new product development, plant floor layout, Reverse Engineering, product assembly, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Engineering and manufacturing support services are a great option for companies all across the board. Whether your company has one hundred employees or only five, engineering services can provide value to your business. It is a great option to have companies like Perception Engineering that are willing to jump in when extra capacity is needed or to fill a knowledge gap.

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Hayden Kemme

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