Reverse Engineering

Do you have an obsolete part for a machine you need replaced? Maybe a client has come to you with a prototype but has poorly created design documents? The Perception Engineering staff is capable of handling any complete reverse engineering challenge for both single parts or larger assemblies.

Our experienced engineers are dedicated to providing the optimal customer experience when reverse engineering the items you need and can work onsite or offsite to finish the job. It is our goal to become your reverse engineering partner and create a final product that is accurate to the original and comes in on time and within budget.

Design for Manufacuturing

With diverse manufacturing and product development backgrounds, Perception Engineering has the knowledge required to provide optimized manufacturing solutions.

We create all designs complete for manufacturing using a unique personal approach, in order to understand your specific processes. Working closely with your staff, we can engineer with those practices in mind to reduce cost by streamlining the process design all the way through to the manufacturer.

By taking an interactive approach to design for manufacturing we are able to become a trusted partner for our clients, utilizing our knowledge of their products and processes to provide high quality quick turn solutions.

Process Support

We provide process support for design and manufacturing using lean processes, including Six Sigma. Our experienced engineers are able to pull from their diverse backgrounds to provide you with the expertise to improve and streamline your process.

In doing so, we can increase productivity and reduce waste using lean manufacturing processes and methodologies. Our engineers can work alongside your staff onsite or can provide the necessary support offsite using remote working technologies.

Processes are always evolving and we strive to stay up on the latest innovations and certifications. It is our goal to be your process support partner and keep your organization working at the most efficient and sustainable level possible.


SolidWorks Support 

At Perception Engineering, we live in SolidWorks 3D CAD Software. This is the tool our team knows best and our skills with the software run deep. Utilizing this knowledge and experience, we are able to provide exceptional services and high quality designs to our customers.

We also provide SolidWorks support and are able to help our clients layout the framework needed to continue creating great products for their customers. We provide training on the implementation of the program and how to make the switch without experiencing a delay in production or workflow. With decades of experience in house, we can explain how it will work with your current file structure, and what add-ons would best fit your business needs.

As new updates become available and as our client's services and business evolves, we will always be here as a reliable and trusted resource for SolidWorks support.