3D Solid Modeling

3D Solid modeling is where all the magic begins. This service offers our clients a realistic idea of how the final product will look and provides the necessary roadmap to get there by guiding the design, simulation, and manufacturing for any part of the final assembly. Through this process we help our customers to understand the product before the construction of the actual design and make informed decisions about the manufacturing of the product.

Our designers work closely with you to create stunning 3D models for a wide range of products, industries, applications, and innovative uses. Utilizing 3D Modeling technology, we are also able to speed up the process of developing parts of all sizes and assemblies of varying complexity, saving valuable time and resources simultaneously.


  • Developing 2D/3D CAD models

  • Wire frame data for design optimization

  • 3D parametric feature based modeling

  • Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts and/or other assemblies

  • Creation of Engineering drawings from the solid models

  • Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules

  • Import/Export routines to exchange data with different high-end software packages

  • Calculation of mass properties of parts and assemblies

  • 3D Visualization and Rendering



2D Drawings

Our engineers are capable of handling your 2D Drawing needs and take the time to understand your process and engineering standards. This process enables us to deliver accurate drawings that save time and reduce costs. We will provide a high quality drawing the first time with drawings specific to the needs of the customer and that are ready to go straight to the manufacturing.

You can send your drawings in a variety of 2D drawing formats, and even a sketch or hand drawing will work. We welcome the challenge! All 2D drawings will be provided as DFX, DWG, PDF, or SolidWork drawings.

We can also help you convert drawings to the platform of your choice. Some of the most common file conversions include:

Part Design

Our engineers use an iterative approach when it comes to part design and are skilled in a variety of manufacturing and new product development applications. The combined skill and specialties in sheet metal part design and new product development enables Perception Engineering to provide help with any project, and we will work closely with your engineers to develop an accurate design.

If your project happens to require specifications that fall outside of our core competencies, we can connect you with one of our trusted partners that will be able provide the same level of quality service when completing that portion of the design.

Our experience and established network make Perception Engineering a true "one stop" solution for all your part design needs.

Plant Floor Layouts

In order to create the most efficient work environment it is important to start with a layout of your plant. The key is to develop a design that accounts for all the factors contributing to the flow and productivity. A layout that works to minimize waste, maximize organization, and accommodates growth is the ideal end result.

We are lean manufacturing certified and our designers understand that a lean process is the most effective strategy to lower costs and increase production. We consider all the factors and can come up with innovative solutions to your plant floor layout needs.



The Perception Engineering team is proficient at creating renderings of existing 2D or 3D models. We can turn your early model into something that looks as close to the actual finished product as possible. See your design visualized into something life like that is almost ready to hold in your hand.

Having a high quality rendering can help enhance presentations, speed up submissions, and help you go to market sooner! Our experienced engineers utilize SolidWorks PhotoView 360 to generate exceptional life-like images and animations to help you show off your beautiful design, highlighting actual materials used, textures, colors, or the environment or setting the product or part will be used in and allowing interaction that isn't possible using 2D design.

The tools provided through PhotoView 360 allow our engineers to create photo realistic animations and renderings straight from the 3D CAD model. It also allows us to provide the following:

  • Apply Appearances—Adjust elements of your model including color, texture, and illumination
  • Apply Scenes—Set and control the background and surroundings
  • Decals—For labeling, branding, stickers, instrument faces, etc.
  • Integrated Preview—View your output in a preview window before fully rendering
  • Rendering Options—Control output image resolution, animation frame rates, etc.
  • Final Renderer—Generate detailed output after your preview
  • Rendering Scheduler—Set up your rendering to run during off-hours
  • Rendering templates—Save rendering settings for later use to ensure consistent output

Print Conversions

Have a hand sketch or AutoCad file that you need converted to a SolidWorks native file? You've found the right team to get the job done! No file is foreign to us and we can help you with the conversions you need in order to stay on track. If you need a particular file format to send to the manufacturer, we can make it happen. We can take AutoCad to Solidworks, DWG to DFX, and can also redraw parts directly in SolidWorks.

Don't hesitate to inquire about any type of print conversion you may need! We have the capabilities and the connections to get your conversions done on time and within budget, providing an economical quick-turn solution for both large and small scale projects. Perception Engineering is your go to resource for all your conversion needs! 

2D to 3D Conversions

Perception Engineering is your quick turn solution for highly accurate 2D to 3D part conversions. Have you experienced the problem of sending parts to a manufacture where a 3D model is required? Or are you a manufacturer that requires 3D models for production equipment and programming? Not to worry, our experienced staff can quickly and accurately convert your 2D drawings to 3D SolidWorks files to help you stay on schedule throughout the design and manufacturing process.We can also convert hand sketches into 3D SolidWorks files and have a trusted network for anything that might happen to fall out of our core competencies.

It is our goal to be a reliable and economical resource and partner for our customers. We are experienced and flexible with our process so that we can create a unique quick turn solution to provide high quality accurate conversions that fit our clients needs.