About Us

The Perception Engineering team understands the need for a high quality engineering solution that is both experienced and passionate about technical solutions. With years of experience in manufacturing, product development and machine design, Perception Engineering is built with engineers from diverse backgrounds able to come together and assist you with your next project. 

Contract Engineering

Perception Engineering, LLC works closely with local businesses in Michigan that are looking to increase their engineering capabilities. With the ability to work on projects for customers both at your facility and at the Perception Engineering offices, there is a wide range of projects and experiences that the team has assisted customers with. It is our goal to build long term relationships with key customers that are in need of a flexible, quick response engineering team. Contact us today to see pictures and more details of these projects.

Engineering Design Support

Perception Engineering, LLC has skilled Design Engineers on staff ready to help with CAD design and product development. If you are looking for a complete product redesign or even large 2D to 3D conversion projects, we have the experience and knowledge to be a valuable solution.

3D Printing

With in house FDM capabilities, Perception Engineering, LLC can take your 3D CAD file and covert it into a physical object in an a rapid manor. With an extended network of 3D printing partners, we can help your company succeed in printing regardless of the size of the job.