SolidWorks: Part Configurations

Part Configurations

Often customers will want to view multiple configurations of the same part to see which they like best. Instead of creating four or five new part files to show the customer, it is much easier to create each version of the same part with the configurations manager tab.


Within the configurations tab on the feature manager tree, right click on the Part and select Add Configuration.


Figure 1: Configuration tab location

Organize Configurations

Each configuration should have its own unique name to quickly distinguish between each configuration. This will help distinguish each configuration within assemblies and drawings to ensure the correct model is chosen.

Figure 2 - Configuration Name.png

Figure 2: Configuration Name

The saved configurations will appear in a pop-down menu within assemblies and drawings as seen below. Simply click on the part and the option to choose between each configuration will appear. Keeping simple and descriptive names will be the best option for configuration models.


Figure 3: Pop-down Menu

Modifications to Configurations

The feature tree model gives the option to suppress and unsuppressed features. Each configuration will be slightly different which means some features will need to be suppressed and others unsuppressed depending on the design intent. The default configuration should be the original design before modifications are incorporated.



Figure 4: Default Bracket

Large Mount:


Figure 5: Large Bracket

Small Mount:


Figure 6: Small Bracket

The reason each configuration has its own hole wizard feature is to ensure it has no relation to any other configurations. If bracket were to have only one clearance hole, then all three configurations will be identical; hence the need for three separate hole clearances.

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