Virtual Reality: Office Layout Solutions

Office Layout Solutions

The painstaking task of rearranging an office or a production plant only to realize that the layout wasn’t what you expected is something that happens way too often. That process is changing as technology advances. Now, companies are noticing the benefits of using virtual reality beforehand to place all the items before the actual move.

Reasons to Use Virtual Reality First

Previously seen mainly in the gaming industry, virtual reality is spreading to a more useful tool in a wide variety of industries. This being said, no one likes to do the same task twice. Why not take the virtual step to ensure complete satisfaction before moving things around?

Ultimately, viewing something like an office layout with virtual reality helps save time and limit frustration. Depending on which software is being used, there is the ability to measure item locations, move items around, take in-app screenshots, and markup items while in virtual reality. All these items combined allows everyone involved to add their opinions on what they think a layout should look like.


Safety is the main concern for many companies whether it’s in the day-to-day life or during something like a major move. In instances like a plant floor layout, there is a lot of room for error when there are multiple people and maybe a forklift moving a piece of machinery only to realize it all needs to be done again since the machine doesn’t fit in the desired location. It may not be as severe with something like an office layout, but there’s still potential for error and injuries. Virtual reality solves the issue when it comes to ensuring correct item locations before the move begins, and it’s completely safe! All that’s needed is a single person and with one hand, items can be moved over and over without the worry of injuries.


Figure 1: Reorganizing the Office

Case Study

We at Perception Engineering have been able to use this technology to aid us in redesigning our own office layout! We created many different versions, 17 to be exact, to show us potential outcomes with items placed in a variety of locations.


Figure 2: Different Configured Office Layouts

Figure 3 demonstrates the current layout of items at our office. Our company is growing often so we were faced with the problem of fitting more people and more equipment in the office.


Figure 3: Current Office Layout

Luckily, through virtual reality, we were able to find the optimal set-up that satisfied both overall efficiencies and giving everyone enough space to be comfortable. The process was very smooth and easy since we had an overhead layout view after moving items around while in VR to get the best setup.


Figure 4: New Office Layout


Enough can’t be said when it comes to the benefits of using virtual reality. This is only one instance where it’s a far superior solution to a current issue. The ability to move items safely and accurately is a big topic when it comes to office and production plant layouts. Some people may be skeptical at first, but all that can really be said is try it! Who knows, more and more benefits can be realized as soon as the headset is worn.

Written By:

Cody Cook

Cody Cook

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering