What is a SolidWorks "VAR"?

What is a SolidWorks “VAR”?

What is a SolidWorks “VAR”? A SolidWorks “VAR” is a Value-Added Re-seller.  Value-Added Re-sellers provide customer service for troubleshooting a wide variety of SolidWorks related issues. They also put on product training events and specific classes that pertain to different aspects of the software.

Photo credit: Skrill.com

Photo credit: Skrill.com

Here at Perception Engineering, we have participated in classes such as advanced assembly modeling, advanced part modeling, SolidWorks Weldments, and Surface modeling to name a few. We have also submitted lists of SolidWorks related questions to our local VAR representative and invited them out to our office for a Lunch and Learn session. During this time, we had the opportunity to sit down and receive detailed answers to the questions we laid out, all while seeing examples or workarounds to select issues. Our local reseller has some of the brightest and most intelligent SolidWorks users in the world. They are a highly valuable resource for Perception Engineering that is only a phone call away.

Click to find your vendor location

Click to find your vendor location

Figure 1: Vender Location


Many SolidWorks VARs are involved in the community as well. In some cases, they support and sponsor local SolidWorks user groups. They will also present at said user groups to teach tips and tricks within the software.

Your local VAR will help you determine the correct package of SolidWorks needed for you or your business. They may also suggest different add-ons that may increase your efficiency or help expand your capabilities.

To find a VAR in your area, follow the image below, fill in your zip code, and click the “Find Resellers” button:

If you cannot locate a re-seller within your area, contact SolidWorks at 800-693-9000, and they will provide you with the information needed to find the nearest reseller.

If you have any other questions about SolidWorks “VAR”, feel free to reach out to us and we will try and point you in the right direction!


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Austin Jacobs