Converting Files to DXF/DWG

Converting Files to DXF/DWG

When working with CAD software or in the design field, it is likely you will come across files that will not be in a CAD friendly format. Customers might send over files such as PDF’s or JPEG. These are two very common file types; however, these files cannot be input into any CAD software. Most of the time these types of files that are transferred are pictures of drawings from CAD software. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to have them in a CAD file format to be able to convert them to solids or input them as a sketch. There is a way to convert these files to DXF or DWG file types. Keep reading this blog to find out!

Finding A Reliable Converter

To convert any file to a different type, a file converter is needed. If you google the type of converter that is needed such as PDF to DXF converter, plenty of online sites will show up. However, it can be dangerous to bounce around random online sites downloading files. Not only could the file quality be extremely low, but it could also expose your computer to viruses. Take some time to do some research and look for popular sites that have good referrals or sites that are verified. Below in Figure 1 are some popular and safe file converting sites.


Figure 1: Example Converter Sites

Some of these sites will offer you a limited amount of conversions before you must purchase the software. Other sites offer conversions that are totally free. It depends on preference and file type what site will work best for you and your file needs.

Example Conversion

For an example conversion, the CAD soft tools link will be used and shown how a typical conversion is done. For this example, a PDF to DWG converter will be used. To find the correct site “CAD soft tools PDF to DWG” is typed into google. The first site link is the correct one. After the link is opened the converter and options will be brought up. CAD soft tools PDF to DWG converter is shown in Figure 2. Under the select PDF option click on choose file, this allows you to browse your computer for a file. After selecting the correct PDF file, an email is entered to send the DWG download link to. A receiving email is entered to retrieve the link at. After the consent option is checked and the convert button is hit the file will be converted and a link sent to the corresponding email.


Figure 2: File Converting Example

Once the file link has been received in the email it must be downloaded and saved to the desired file location. And that is how a PDF file is converted to a DWG file!

Why So Many PDF Files?

It appears everyone is sending PDF files for information and file sharing, why is this? The PDF format is so popular because of its wide range of use. If everyone is using the same type of file, then it will appear the same to everyone on every type of device. It is extremely important to have the same information portrayed to everyone equally when file sharing. PDF files are just the easiest way to do it. Since the PDF format is so popular it will be extremely helpful to know the information from this blog on converting files. And the next time a single PDF file is received for a drawing, you’ll know just how to use that file to your design advantage. 

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