Introduction to Simulia


With Dassault Systems gaining more and more popularity with the 3DExperience platform, they are introducing and refining a wide variety of apps to help companies save time and money. One that particularly stands out is the app Simulia. This blog will highlight and explain exactly what the app can achieve and why companies are rushing to use it in their day to day processes!

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What is Simulia?

Simulia is an app within the 3DExperience platform that mainly focuses on realistic simulations for a wide variety of products. Not only will it work on specified products to see how things like physics will affect the item, but scenarios including multi-body items, electromagnetics, and fluids can also be applied. These simulations in turn will prevent the time and money needed to create a prototype, test, update design, and test more. These simulations can be ready to use in an instant once the new design has been created. There are also a wide variety of disciplines that can be enabled to ensure that the correct tests are being run. Users can enable as many or as few as they would like depending on their needs. For instance, users that are more geared towards the medical field wouldn’t use the Noise & Vibration Analyst discipline, but rather something more along the lines of the Living Heart Human Model. With over 25 disciplines to choose from, 3DExperience Simulia users are sure to find exactly what they’re looking for!

Written By:

Cody Cook

Cody Cook

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering

Cody Cook