SolidWorks 3DExperience


What is SolidWorks 3DExperience?

Dassault’s 3DExperience is a new form of business platform. The intent behind 3DExperience is to build bridges between engineering, marketing, service, and sales in all stages of product development. The purpose of this being to create better products faster with less mistakes along the way. The 3DExperience is comprised of multiple different apps that combine to help in communication, modeling, and simulations. The main logo for the 3DExperience platform expresses this well with its four sections of apps available for use. The four sections being social & collaborative apps, information intelligence apps, simulation apps, and 3D modeling apps. When one of the four sections are selected, you are brought to an area of a platform that allows you to connect with others on that topic and also access software apps for aid in that process.


What Advantages Does 3DExperience Offer?

With 3DExperience allowing all portions of the product development process to be accessed in one place, it is no surprise that there are some obvious advantages to using it. A great example of these advantages is the availability of information. With the click of a button information from any portion of the development process can be brought up. This is a great feature for audits and communication within a company. This platform also allows everyone to not only view 3D models, but also get involved with the software and help in the design process. Also, with all these different apps available for use in every part of the product development process it can be a huge advantage to smaller companies. Now with access to marketing apps as well as simulation apps, some small businesses can have the ability to better their products and improve their business structure. All of this can also be done through a mobile device, allowing you to take this information and software virtually anywhere.


What Does This Cost?

The 3DExperience platform, like many other Dassault systems products, is obtained through a yearly license subscription. However, with this new platform, the pricing can be a little bit different. With 3DExperience offering all the programs that Dassault has to offer, the cost per license can change depending on how many apps the user requires. For example, a low app count could generate a yearly cost of a few thousand dollars. While a higher app count could cost anywhere in the region of ten through fifty thousand dollars annually. It really all depends on just how many apps you need in your process to be successful.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Dassault is making a big step by bringing all the steps of the product development process into one place. Overall, this is going to be very helpful to the customers. With all these new apps, information, and programs becoming available to everyone who is involved, we might see a big change in the way the product development process is handled. I believe there will be some very beneficial and positive changes in the future after the use of this new business platform.  

Written By:

Hayden Kemme

Hayden Kemme

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering