SolidWorks XDesign

What is SolidWorks XDesign


SolidWorks XDesign is a browser based CAD software. XDesign uses cloud technology that allows you to bring CAD with you anywhere you go! And since XDesign is browser based, there is no need for slow software! This Cloud based CAD software is able to be opened and used on any device in any location with an internet connection! Now you can take your designs to the next level when you take not only your CAD software, but your files as well, wherever you go! At the moment SolidWorks XDesign is in Beta testing, but you can register to try it out here!

Cloud CAD Advantages


Now you might ask, just how different can a browser based CAD system be?  Surprisingly, there are a large number of advantages that can make all the difference when it come to engineering and design. One simple advantage being instant updates. When the servers to the cloud system are updated your browser updates with them instantly, so no more long tedious updates!  Another feature being that all data is constantly uploaded to the cloud. So, if your system was to suddenly shut down or go offline, all your changes, even up to the very last one, are saved on the cloud and up to date. One of the biggest advantages being able to run the program on any device at high speeds. With the cloud servers handling all the processing and power involved, this leaves your device to run fast and flawlessly.

How Can This Be Utilized?

When it comes to the real test, using XDesign in the work place, what can it be used for? Being able to access CAD programming and files off site is a big advantage. When on site with a client, having the ability to pull up a part right in front of them on a phone and explain details can be extremely important. Also, the ability to have multiple devices open up the same part and work on it simultaneously could save an enormous amount of time in the long run. One last example being the extinction for the need of thousands of dollars worth of computers and hardware to run these large CAD softwares. Now with XDesign, any device can run CAD programs perfectly.

In Conclusion

SolidWorks XDesign or any cloud CAD system is an amazing feat for the industry. Even when these programs are just in beta testing it is easy to see how many great changes they will bring to the table. They won’t all be perfect at first, but I think in a few years, programs such as SolidWorks XDesign are going to take over the CAD world. For more information on SolidWorks XDesign visit here.

Written By:

Hayden Kemme

Hayden Kemme

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering