Introduction to Enovia


Proper file sharing is a challenge that every company faces when working with multiple projects or a project filled with a variety of different part revisions. Sometimes, the wrong file can be worked on for hours creating wasted time on projects. Saving files locally and only sharing tangible prints is a huge problem and not possible for companies that work with other partners that aren’t local. With the Enovia app within the 3DExpereince platform, file sharing and collaborative efforts have never been easier.

Figure 1 - Dassault Systems Enovia.png

Figure 1: Dassault Systems Enovia

What is Enovia?

Enovia is the collaborative innovation created by Dassault Systemes that allows all users to be on the same page with projects. Within the Enovia app are many useful disciplines. A couple that stand out are the project manager and the project team member disciplines. Not only are most of these disciplines cloud based, but each user would have their own profile with information to ensure accuracy of records and allow for accountability with each project.


What can it do?

Enovia within the 3DExperience platform encapsulates both PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) into 1 program. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and collaborate with one another throughout the entire life of a project. Depending on the disciplines enabled, there is a wide variety of specific items the Enovia app can cover. Some highlights for a couple of the disciplines are issue management, connected BOMs between the designers and project engineers, and some disciplines will allow for displaying issues directly in the context of the 3D designs. Best of all, many of these disciplines are cloud based so updating and reviewing files can be done on the go from almost anywhere! The goal at the end of the day that Enovia is trying to accomplish is having zero errors from start to finish for the product’s life cycle, saving the time to go back and fix errors, and being able to produce items faster than ever.

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Cody Cook

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering

Cody Cook