3DExperience 2019 (Introduction)

3DExperience is a platform offered through Dassault Systèmes that brings together all aspects of your project in a single place with the option to work from the cloud. Rather than accessing all Dassault Systèmes’ applications separately, such as Catia, Simulia, Enovia, etc, they can all be accessed through the 3DExperience platform. This presents the potential to greatly streamline your workflow as well as reducing the chance for errors. The platform provides a way to keep track of market trends with information intelligence apps, create solutions with 3D modeling apps such as Catia or SolidWorks, test solutions with simulation apps such as Delmia or Simulia, all while keeping the project on track and reducing any potential errors by tracking quality with the use of collaborative apps such as Enovia. Through these the entire team, from marketing and sales to engineering, can access and contribute the information they need, all in one place. The platform also offers the 3DExperience Marketplace. This allows you to browse and download 3D parts from a catalog from hundreds of suppliers as well as connect with manufacturers to have you part or parts manufactured. With 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and more, the 3D marketplace gives you the final tool to take your concept from design to product.


The streamlined process isn’t the only benefit of using 3DExperience. The platform being cloud-based offers a major advantage, especially if you work in a large company with people spread over various locations, you work with various companies with which your files need to be shared, or you travel while working. 3DExperience keeps you up to date by improving their existing applications as well as adding valuable new additions year after year. Dassault Systèmes has plans on this becoming a leader in the industry and putting the support behind it to make this happen. This support is already becoming visible, such as the change of SolidWorks World to 3DExperience World. SolidWorks is not being forgotten, rather integrated into a larger solution, providing more possibilities. As mentioned above, there are various applications for different purposes. There are four categories, 3D modeling, simulation, social and collaborative, and information intelligence. The applications in each of these categories can be found in the following figure.

3DExperience Compass.png


Social and Collaborative Apps



3DExcite allows you to take your engineering and design data to create product animations or interactive content, such as augmented or virtual reality. This gives the ability for sales and marketing teams to easily harness the engineering data to create these experiences.




Enovia is product lifecycle management (PLM) software that allows users to browse models from the dashboard, track design progress with lifecycle management, access bill of materials, and filter parts by properties. This allows you to better enhance the relationship of the product’s lifecycle throughout organizations.



Information Intelligence Apps



Exalead allows you to take data and better deliver it to users in a way in which they can better use it to help improve your business processes. It does this with an emphasis in three main areas. The first is through the creation or purchase of processes and enforcement of standards. The second is through the gathering and analyzation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data. The third is applying this data to help innovate the current customer support services.




Netvibes is a dashboard intelligence application. With it, you can analyze and track data pertinent to your company’s services or products. With thousands of apps available, you can largely customize each dashboard with news, social media, and other relevant feeds. This tool allows you to better react to customer reaction and provide innovation faster than ever.


Simulation Apps



Simulia Alternate.png

Simulia allows you to conduct multibody analysis on your CAD models. Through this a conceptual design optimization can be carried out to solve problems effortlessly. These analyses include durability and fatigue testing which allows you to predict and even extend your product’s lifecycle.





Delmia is used to enhance your digital manufacturing experience. With this application you can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes to result in a higher quality, lower cost result. This is done through the planning, simulation, and modeling of your manufacturing processes. Your whole manufacturing process can be simulated allowing your to better adjust to new market opportunities as well as optimizing your current processes. Using Delmia within the 3DExperience platform provides a lighter weight, more intuitive process.





3DVia allows you to create vector and raster images as well as animations using your company’s CAD data. While certain CAD software does have this capability, 3DVia allows anyone to create these images. Once a CAD model is brought into 3DVia, it is a standalone file in which you can create exploded views, add callouts, or create animations. This tool is a great way to create documentation needed for documents such as assembly instructions, repair instructions, product manuals, and more.



3D Modeling Apps




SolidWorks is a 3D modeling software that has a focus on modeling with the use of solids, as the name suggests. It is a more user friendly, mid-level CAD package. With it, you can model parts, create assemblies, create prints for manufacturing, as well as renderings of your parts or assemblies. This is best used for smaller to medium sized assemblies.





Catia has the same premise as SolidWorks in the sense that that both are CAD modeling software used to create primarily 3D models. Catia is a higher-tier product with a steeper learning curve as well. It is generally used in industries for which the assemblies are much larger and more complex, such as automotive or aerospace. Catia is also better at handling more complex curved surfaces.



Geovia allows you to model geologic atmospheres to accurately represent Earth and its resources. This is often used for mining and geographic natural resource extraction. With Geovia, you can better plan your mining process to be more efficient. It makes sure your resources are evaluated accurately and keeps you on track of your project with intelligent scheduling. This is used with various mining processes from open pit mining to block caving mining.





Biovia is used to simulate processes for industries in which biology and chemistry are important, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas. Within the application, research can be documented and collaborated on to help innovate and create new products more quickly. This application includes a comprehensive, organization wide chemical inventory management system to help employees locate chemicals faster. In addition, workflows can be created to create a standardization of scientific procedure for your company.




As you can see, 3DExperience offers a vast array of products which can be applied across your company to help increase efficiency and the push for innovation. You can create a package of these applications best suited for your company. From science and engineering to marketing and sales, 3DExperience brings together all your solutions to create a better, more efficient process and product.



Matthew Fontana

Mechanical Engineering Co-op

Matthew Fontana