Introduction to Delmia


Manufacturing is debatably the most important step in the creation of a product. Designs and concepts mean nothing if no part is produced in the end. It’s important to have the manufacturing processes done in the most efficient way, safely, and with as few errors as possible. This could range from reducing errors in the machining itself to reducing errors in the assembly of products. With Delmia from the 3DExperience platform introduced by Dassault Systemes, these worries will be a thing of the past.

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What is Delmia?

As described in the introduction, Delmia is an app within the 3DExperience platform that mainly focuses on aiding the manufacturing process. Depending on the enabled disciplines, these are things such as the machining of parts, how robotics interacts and behave, the ergonomics of the work conditions, and many more! And with over 40 different disciplines that cover a wide variety of facets in the manufacturing process, companies are sure to find the exact ones to aid in their operations.

Notable Disciplines

With how many different industries there are, Dassault Systems does a really good job with trying to hit a wide variety with its disciplines. Even though many things are manufactured differently, there is something for everyone within the Delmia app. A couple of useful disciplines that we’ve found from our research are Ergonomist, 3DLean Member, and Plant Layout Designer. Ergonomist is a useful discipline for creating very specific mannequins to place in the model to ensure worker safety and worker comfort. Users can add in joints for maximum range of motions for a wide number of different human models. 3DLean Member is a discipline that helps with animate the lean manufacturing process. Users can create daily meetings to get the status of each team member and look at assigned tasks all virtually, so nothing gets lost in translation. Plant Layout Designer basically creates a virtual factory to help users get a general idea of floor size, create 2D drawings from the overall layout, and position machinery, ladders, and conveyors in the most effective places before moving the items manually to realize things won’t fit or work properly. And those are only 3 of the many, many different options!


Cody Cook

CAD Designer at Perception Engineering

Cody Cook