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SolidWorks: Custom Drawing Template

A drawing template is one of the main components to any assembly or part drawing. A drawing template allows you to convey all information about a part or assembly in a clean and organized manner. The key features of a drawing template are simplicity and clarity. This blog will demonstrate how to make a simple custom drawing template in SolidWorks! 

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Hayden Kemme1, Software, SolidWorks
Comparing CAD Software Solutions

Here at Perception Engineering, we reach out to various companies across many industries in the West Michigan area. Among these companies, many different CAD software’s are utilized. Although SolidWorks is our expertise, we have assisted some customers out using other software's such as Inventor and Fusion 360.

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Marcus Prigge1, Software
Virtual Reality: Softwares

With virtual reality technology is growing and growing, there are a wide variety of softwares that can suit a company’s specific needs. Finding the right one for the company is all up to trying different softwares to find that exact fit! At Perception Engineering, we’ve been actively testing different softwares and this blog will cover some that we’ve been using.

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SolidWorks: PDM Data Cards

Keeping track of part properties in SolidWorks can be a very tedious task. If multiple properties need to be changed from part to part on a project, it can cut into your productivity, taking time away from further refining your design. Luckily, with SolidWorks Product Data Management, we can remove much of this wasted time with the use of data cards.

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Matthew Fontana1, PDM, Software, SolidWorks
SolidWorks: Property Tab Builder

In this blog, we will be discussing the SolidWorks Property Tab Builder. The property tab builder allows the user to build preset properties that can be loaded into parts and assemblies. We will also look at how to integrate these into the SolidWorks Properties Tab, and some of the convenient ways to use the SolidWorks Properties Tab.

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Austin Jacobs1, Software, SolidWorks
Engineering Co-Op at Perception Engineering

The first step into the real world of Engineering. The day I had been waiting for since my first day of college classes. A chance to apply the hours and hours of studying I had devoted over the past few years. Time for all my hard work to pay off. My engineering co-op experience at Perception Engineering.

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Matthew Fontana1, Business
Perception Engineering 5-Year Celebration

Thanks to everyone who came in celebration of Perception Engineering! Perception Engineering was started with a single 3D printer in the basement of Stephen’s house. Now it has grown to service the needs of manufacturers, inventors, and automation machine operations all over West Michigan.

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Brenden DeVries1, Business
Amazon Part Finder

Do you have a random screw, washer, or nut laying around and have no idea how to identify what it is? You’re in luck with Amazon’s new Part Finder option within the Amazon app! Amazon now has the technology to scan whichever type of desired fastener, provide accurate sizing of it, and provide links on their app so you can purchase these! This blog will highlight how to locate this function within the app and how to use it.

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SolidWorks: Feature Mirroring

While creating parts in SolidWorks, efficiency and accuracy are essential when working on a project for a client! For projects that are repeatable, Perception Engineering saves time by applying the mirror feature command if models are symmetrical. SolidWorks is equipped with a few different types of mirroring commands: sketch mirroring, part mirroring, and feature mirroring. For this blog the focus will be on feature mirroring utilizing the given top, right, and front planes to create feature mirrors!

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SolidWorks: Exploded Views

Exploding an assembly view in SolidWorks can make all the difference when trying to show every component involved in the making. Instead of showing multiple views and angles, one view can be used to show all components. A well done exploded view will also help in the understanding of how the entire assembly fits together. Exploded views are used in almost every industry when it comes to explaining a product and how it works. Knowing how to use the exploded view feature is a crucial key feature and will be finishing touch needed when showing an assembly.  

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SolidWorks: Swept Boss/Base Command

This blog will show three basic examples of how to use the Swept Boss/Base feature in SolidWorks. There are two main requirements to create a Swept Boss or Base: A closed profile and a path. This first example will show how to create a sweep using a circular profile and an open relatively linear path. Figure 1, below, shows the profile drawn on the front plane and the sweep path drawn on the top plane. It is important to make sure that the starting point of the path lies on the same plane as the profile. Also, notice how the center of the circle profile is centered on the start of my path. This ensures that the sweep will be centered to my profile; however, any location contained inside the profile, including the boundary, can be used to generate a sweep.

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Advanced Manufacturing Expo - Cleveland

Have you ever looked for opportunities to place yourself in an environment where you could feel that you were surrounded by the best and brightest? A place where every conversation led to new thoughts and concepts that you had never explored before? Well I found a place like this during my recent trip to the Advance Manufacturing Expo.

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SolidWorks: Online Licensing Troubleshooting

New to SolidWorks 2018, Online Licensing offers users the flexibility of accessing SolidWorks licenses through online MySolidWorks profiles. An administrative portal on MySolidWorks gives designated users the ability to assign seats of SolidWorks to members of their team. While this option is a huge step forward, in comparison to machine activation/deactivation using the modify install, implementation of online licensing company wide has uncovered many issues that have yet to be solved by SolidWorks upon their first release.

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