The Perception Engineering team is proficient at creating renderings of existing 2D or 3D models. We can turn your early model into something that looks as close to the actual finished product as possible. See your design visualized into something life like that is almost ready to hold in your hand.

Having a high quality rendering can help enhance presentation, speed up submissions, and help you go to market sooner! Our experienced engineers utilize SolidWorks Visualize to generate exceptional life-like images to help you show off your beautiful design, highlighting actual materials used, textures, colors, or the environment or setting the product or part will be used in and allowing interaction that isn’t possible using 2D design.

The tools provided through Visualize allow our engineers to create photo realistic animations and renderings straight from the 3D CAD model. It also allows us to provide the following:

Rendering Example.jpeg
  • Apply Appearances - Adjust elements of your model including color, texture, and illumination.

  • Apply Scenes - Set and control the background and surroundings.

  • Decals - For labeling, branding, stickers, instrument faces, etc.

  • Integrated Preview - View your output in a preview window before fully rendering.

  • Rendering Options - Control output image resolution.

  • Final Rendering - Generate detailed output after your preview.

  • Rendering Scheduler - Set up your rendering to run during off-hours.

  • Rendering Templates - Save rendering settings for later use to ensure consistent output.