3D Printing


In-House Printing

With FDM printing capabilities in house and a network of specialty 3D printing partners, Perception Engineering has the capabilities to ensure that whether you are in the idea, design or production stage of your product, we are the one stop solution. We work with a variety of printers and can match the right materials to the environment and product.

For many products made here at Perception Engineering multiple materials may be used, and we have multiple options that can be matched to your specific part requirements.

We are passionate about building strong relationships with our clients so we can become your 3D printing partner, more than just a one time producer. Our talented staff is able to provide a full range of services to help with all phases of product design, printing, and future development.


Rapid Prototyping

Our skilled team is armed with the best 3D printing tools needed to quickly prototype any project. Perception Engineering is capable of creating high quality detailed prototypes using the correct method and materials to produce a great looking and fully functioning sample of your project or part. We’re capable of handling projects both large and small, and are dedicated to providing a high quality economical solution.

Individual part concepts can be sent to Perception Engineering in 2D or 3D formats to have a rapid prototype or a rendering created. Our combined skills and experience helps us to provide each customer a unique experience that is tailored to fit their specific needs.

Perception Engineering has connections with local CNC shops, engineers, designers, and development teams to accommodate a wide range of product categories for a variety of industries. We hope to become a partner for all your current and future rapid prototyping projects.


Our Network

We’re a very capable team at Perception Engineering, but every once in a while something comes across our desks that falls outside of our core competencies when it comes to 3D printing processes. In those cases we utilize our established networks for 3D printing partners. We have SLA and SLS partners and can use different applications when needed. Our experienced team is ready to partner with your organization to help you with all of your 3D printing process needs.

Our network can work with the specific types of 3D printing processes listed below:


Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography uses a precise UV laser to cure very thin layers of resin into an object. This type of printing is often used on projects where a smooth finished surface is required.


Selective Laser-Sintering (SLS)

Laser sintering is used to create durable components using a CO2 laser to fuse together powered plastics. This type of printing does not need support structures and can make incredibly complex parts. SLS is best for projects that require air or water tight construction made from various materials.



PolyJet printing is done in layers of liquid polymer to build parts with varying materials. With PolyJet printing one can mix various colors, textures and material to achieve the desired pliability.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct metal laser sintering performs micro welds using a high powered laser to form metals and alloys into the desired parts. These parts can be made from steel, aluminum or even titanium. This is the toughest form of 3D printing and can be used to make durable products for the real world.


Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Multi jet fusion uses a fusing agent and detailing agent applied to fine grained PA 12 material to create high density parts with excellent accuracy and strength properties. With mechanical properties that rival those of injection molded parts, multi-jet fusion is a great choice for both functional prototypes and final part production.


Post-Process Finishing

With each printed product our team takes a variety of steps in post process finishing. From sanding down rough process edges caused by support material to a complete acetone finish which smooths our layers that show after printing is complete, we can ensure your parts are ready for the next step.

We can also assist with any post assembly that is needed for the design, including integration of additional electronics or hardware needed for the full assembly to be complete the rendering of the final product. We will take care of the final step of sending the print back to the customer. We’re proud to be a reliable partner you can count on to complete your post process finishing quickly and within budget.